FT Nutball

My first build…couldn’t even fly yet! But I just HAD to build something, and Flite Test inspired me (and gave me the plans) to get started on my RC adventure.

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2018: Freshly built with two custom mods! Bottle cap wheels of my own design, and a piece of white L-shaped plastic molding screwed to the top of the firewall, the front of the wing slides under it holding it in place which has proved a bit more long-lasting than the FT bbq skewer method holding on the front of the power pod.

Original motor was a Dualsky ECO 2203C 1780KV Brushless Motor (Park 300 size) swinging a 8×3.8 slow-fly prop, juice was supplied by a Graphene 800mAh 2S battery. I flew this config with a 3S battery but didn’t change the prop (rookie error) and burnt the motor out.

I (attempted) to fly this plane a few times mostly without success because I was still learning to fly, so it took a few hits.

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Jan 2020: A more recent photo. Hasn’t flown in 18 months, I enjoyed the FT Flyer so much I’ve decided to resurrect the Nutball. I’ve changed the motor to a 1300kv HexTronik 24gram Brushless Outrunner. Still using a 8×3.8 slow-fly prop and a Graphene 800mAh 2S battery. Yellow wing tape has been added to aid visibility

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And of course it still has the smiley face on the bottom! I’m no longer using landing gear, it’s easier just to hand launch then cut the throttle and drop it onto the grass to land.