Andrew McPhee is a web designer, podcaster, photographer and genealogist who lives in NE Victoria, Australia.

Web sites I own, designed and maintain:
alt-webring - a free web ring service that enables you to create and manage webrings. Webrings link together sites that contain related content in a virtual 'ring', each site in the ring has a set of ring navigation controls that enable you to travel from one site to another around the ring.
Unreal Aircraft - unique and unusual aircraft like twin-fuselage Mustangs, Canadian flying saucers, gravity-defying VTOL airplanes and even personal rocket packs.
A Mixed Bunch - my family history site.
Web sites I designed and maintain for other people or organisations:
Staghorn Flat History - a site I designed for a friend to publicise his book about the history of Staghorn Flat in NE Victoria, Australia.
Wodonga Family
History Society
- a Wordpress site I set up for the local family history society.
Prince Albert GenWeb - a site I maintain on behalf of Canada GenWeb.
Swift Current GenWeb - a site I maintain on behalf of Canada GenWeb.
Drew McPhee - my son's Wordpress blog.
Social networking:
Facebook I'm not a big Facebook user, mainly use it for keeping in touch with family.
Twitter I tweet occasionally. But I don't usually have much to say. Not in public anyway...
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